The benefits of vocational training for employers

Today’s job market is one of constant change and development. The days in which a person would have one occupation or be employed at one company their entire life are long gone. The coming generations of employees will most likely hold many different jobs throughout their career.

People entering the employment market today understand this. Lifelong learning is already their reality. They know that the need for constant advancement of their skills and perpetual acquisition of knowledge as their career moves forward.

Companies and employers who understand the signs of the time will therefore invest in advanced training opportunities for their staff. Future and current employees will expect their leaders to support them in their endeavor to stay relevant in the employment market.

However, the benefits of vocational training for employers do not end at attracting talent. Advanced education for staff provides additional benefits and gives companies a competitive edge in the market place. In the following article we will explore how.

How advanced training for staff benefits companies

Benefits of vocational training for employersHigher productivity and innovation

Vocational training keeps employees up-to-date with new technologies and best practices. It promotes autonomy and results in a reduced need for supervision and oversight. Thus, advanced education is a major driver of employee efficiency and productivity. Some studies estimate performance increases by up to 230%.

Increased customer satisfaction

Research has found correlations between employee training and customer satisfaction. This only makes sense. More efficient staff is able to serve customers more effectively, thus resulting in improved service quality.

Better employee retention

In today’s job market, many employees consider training opportunities one of the main reasons for choosing or staying with an employer. When staff feels like their leaders care about their individual development, it increases their loyalty and commitment to the company. The consequence are less voluntary exits and reduced labor turnover. Research suggests that training opportunities increase retention up to 70%.

Knowledge transfer

Advanced training measures do not only directly benefit the employees in training, but also the staff as a whole. Knowledge and skills are shared among those working together and thereby spread throughout the whole company. This kind of information transfer should not be underestimated.

Risk management

Vocational training helps alleviate company risks. Safety and health education can be used to reduce work-related injuries and illnesses. At the same time instructions on sexual harassment and diversity training can greatly improve they way company staff work together.

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