Voices on Soufflearning: Feedback from Albacete, Spain

To improve the Soufflearning methodology, in the coming weeks we will conduct a number of interviews with participants from the first round of pretests. Trainers, employees and employers who took part in Soufflearning trainings will share their insight and opinions on the method from their own personal perspectives.

This time we are talking to José Luis Moreno from the Human Resources department at ITP, a company for jet engine maintenance and manufacturing. ITP has been utilizing the Soufflearning methodology for conducting trainings in specific areas of their company.

Here is how Mr Moreno describes his own and his company’s experience working with the Soufflearning method:

1. What convinced you to take part in the project and try out the Soufflearning methodology?

The approach of the methodology itself was very appealing to us. It is quite interesting to see how simple solutions can sometimes be found within oneself as opposed to being intrododuced from the outside.

2. In which area did you employ Soufflearning trainings?

We mainly conducted trainings in the area of prevention.

3. What did you find most surprising? What was completely new to you?

The training sessions provided solutions to a number of problems that I other wise think we would have been unlikely to devise looking from the outside in.

4. What outcomes did you see?

There is a noticeable change in people’s attitudes about the issues addressed within the trainings. Participants are more conscious about what is at stake and the fact that their actions or inactions matter and they can be part of the solution.

5. Where do you see the biggest benefits of the method?

In our case, it helped us tackle the root of existing behavioral patterns that participants might have been unaware of prior to the trainings. Depending on the solutions that come out of the training sessions, using Soufflearning can prove quite cost effective for the organization.

6. What did you find most challenging and where do you see room for improvement?

The shortcoming that I see in the method is that it can be time consuming.

7. How likely do you think it is that you will keep working with this methodology?

After seeing the results the first implementation yielded in our organization, I would say it is very likely that we will give it another go.

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