What others are saying about Soufflearning: Feedback from Greece

After the pretests have been successfully completed among our partner organizations, it is time to take stock of this years training efforts. We are constantly aiming to improve the Soufflearning methodology and actively look for feedback from everyone involved.

Therefore, in the coming weeks we will conduct a number of of interviews with participants from the first round of pretests. Trainers, employees and employers who took part in Soufflearning trainings will share their insight and opinions on the method from their own personal perspectives.

Today’s participant is Mr Panagiotis Antonopoulos, VET Trainer. He took part in the initial training round at our Greek partner organization the VET Centre IRIS. We are grateful he took the time to give his opinion and share his experience.

1. What convinced you to take part in the project and try out the Soufflearning methodology?

I decided to join the Soufflearning training because it was an opportunity to gain additional experience in the field of adult education.

2. Which area did you employ Soufflearning trainings in?

Trainings were conducted both with members of middle management as well as with staff members who were trained in customer service.

3. What did you find most surprising? What was completely new to you?

The element of direct interaction during the training was an entirely new approach for me. Especially for the participating trainees in middle management it made them much more willing to participate actively and make the most out of the training sessions.

4. What outcomes did you see?

In some cases the Soufflearning trainings led to rapid improvements in terms of employee awareness and skill development. Two trainees in particular were very open to and reacted to the training procedure very positively.

5. What did you find most challenging and where do you see room for improvement?

The idea of tutoring a single employee itself was very challenging and unusual. For further developments I think it could be helpful if other people in the same workplace could take part in some way and maybe provide input on the procedure.

6. How likely do you think it is that you will keep working with this methodology?

Since the first attempt was quite satisfactory, I am looking forward to continuing our cooperation and conducting more trainings using the Soufflearning method.

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