First Soufflearning workshop for trainers in Italy

From May 2nd till May 4th 2011 the first Soufflearning introduction workshop for VET organizations and trainers took place in Italy. Kristin Auer from the Bonn Science Shop, Germany, and I were guests of our project partner Euroform RFS, Rende (CS), Italy.

I was very impressed about the whole event and like to give you my personal impression on it.

The training of five highly motivated trainers took place in a very positive and relaxed atmosphere on May 3rd. During the workshop interesting discussions on several subjects came up, for example if it is reasonable that not just the training participants but the whole team of employees takes part in a Soufflearning kick-off-workshop. There were different opinions and finally the trainers came to the conclusion that this aspect should be discussed between employer and trainer before the start of a Soufflearning.

I really enjoyed training the trainers in Italy and I’m grateful for a professional exchange of experiences with Italian colleagues and hope they will have a successful start with Soufflearning in their country.

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