Lifelong learning is the key factor for vocational success. But often trainings are literally too far away from daily business. Therefore in Soufflearning, the coaches and trainers come to you. Soufflearning is an effective concept for vocational training in SMEs which is customised to fit the needs of the staff.

Soufflearning – the innovative teaching and learning path for SMEs

  • has great potential to enhance organization and human resource development
  • is a direct response to the vocational training requirements of a company and individual needs of the staff
  • offers time and cost-effective training units in the workplace
  • can be flexibly adapted to daily business tasks and embedded in the workflow
  • provides impulses and tools which can be implemented directly for immediate training benefits
  • is a pleasant, continual learning process with immediate support

Are you a company and wish for more information on Soufflearning? Are you a trainer who would like to add this innovative training method to your services? You can learn more about it here.