Report from the National Dissemination Workshop in Greece

work-based learning workshop report Greece

To continue with the line of Soufflearning events, on July 16th 2015, our Greek partner the VET centre IRIS organized a dissemination workshop in the city of Egio about 170 km from Athens.

Approximately 28 attendants were present, many of them from the area of vocational training — VET trainers, representatives of SMEs and from nearby VET centers.

Other attendees included the presidents of the Employee’s Society in Egio and the local Institute of Labor as well as members of the press.

work-based learning workshop report Greece group

The workshop itself was structured in the following way:

  • An introduction to the Soufflearning project and methodology
  • First-hand experiences from VET trainers involved in the project
  • Soufflearning from the perspective of an HR Manager from a participating company
  • Q&A and group discussion

The Soufflearning methodology was met with great interest and a lively discussion ensued. Among others, the following topics were raised:

  • Can the methodology be applied to technical topics such as software training?
  • Is it possible to train managers/in-house trainers to deliver Soufflearning?
  • Cost and time requirements?
  • The type of SMEs that can participate and which members of staff should take part.
  • Desired trainer profile and requirements?
  • Applicability of Soufflearning for very small family-run businesses.

work-based learning workshop report Greece group 2

Besides the presentations, participants could also get information from posters, newsletters and a booklet that were handed out during the workshop. The event was followed by a light dinner where its contents could be further discussed.

Overall the Soufflearning method was deemed extremely useful and applicable for SMEs. The heads of the umbrella organizations requested additional information and voiced their interest in discussing how Soufflearning could further be disseminated among their member networks. The workshop was also mentioned in the local news.

At this point we would like to thank everyone involved in the organization of the event and all participants for making it possible. The event was a big success. It reached additional groups who can benefit from the methodology, sparked ideas for further development and will greatly help shape the future of Soufflearning.

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