Opinions on Soufflearning in France

The Soufflearning workshop with French trainers also initiated interesting discussions on different aspects:

  • During the training we realized that a training need such as „dealing with conflicts at work“ can hardly be the one and only aspect for a Soufflearning training. Conflicts, for example when dealing with clients, often happen „out of the blue“ unless the employee works on complaints only. It is therefore highly unlikely that a trainer will have the opportunity to watch a conflict situation during an accompaniment. In this case Soufflearning should concentrate on communication skills but with a special focus on dealing with conflicts. If employees improve their communication skills they will also be better prepared to cope with difficult situations. Input on a suitable way of dealing with conflicts can be covered during the kick-off-workshop, the feedback talks or in special workshops.
  • What is going to be told the employer? The French trainers would tell the individual employee what they are going to tell the employer about the accompaniment and feedback talk. On the other hand as it is a a personal feedback talk, personal remarks, individual reasons for optimization points etc. should be kept private between trainer and employee. What should be done if the employee does not like the trainer to tell the employer about a certain aspect? The French trainer would then ask the employee to do it by himself or find another individual solution.
  • It was also considered as difficult to invite all employees to the kick-off-workshop if just a few of them will take part in the training. Maybe the other employees could be informed in another way instead of taking part in the kick-off-workshop. They agree with their Italian colleagues that this aspect should definitely be discussed between trainer and employer before starting the Soufflearning process.
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