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Mr Norbert Steinhaus
(Bonn Science Shop, Project Management International Networks)
Mrs Kristin Auer
(Education center of the Bonn Science Shop)
Mrs Traute Winzker
Reuterstr. 157
53113 Bonn

Tel: +49 228/2016122 (Norbert)
Tel: +49 228/2016142 (Kristin)

Bonn Science Shop

Established in 1984 as a registered non-profit organization the Wissenschaftsladen Bonn gives special emphasis to the topics of civil society and sustainability, environment and health, as well as the labour market. It is actively involved in networks on national or international level, such as the International Science Shop Network ‚Living Knowledge‘. The Bonn Science Shop has a gender balanced 30 persons staff of whom 15 work in research and project contexts. All employees are actively involved in several networks on national or international level.

For more than 15 years the Bonn Science Shop focuses on the labour market and has a special view on the employment market and a good overview on the German ‚market‘ on education, qualification and work fields (standardized procedures of evaluation of needs and deficits). Previous experiences were made in several projects on different funding and cooperation levels. With good contacts to universities, educational institutions and companies which also work globally, the idea of training SMEs‘ staff was developed.

Soufflearning, the innovative further education for small enterprises, was promoted and now is already proved in business in different sectors. When appropriate, the Bonn Science Shop cooperates with other institutions, organizations, Science Shops or stakeholders in Bonn as well as in Germany or on an international level to enable multidisciplinary research, dissemination of results and education.

Norbert Steinhaus, Bonn Science Shop board member, Soufflearning project coordinator, active in international project cooperation and networking (e.g. science & society, participation in science & technology, training and mentoring), responsible editor for several publications. Since the end of 2007 coordinator and international contact point of LIVING KNOWLEDGE, the international Science Shop network.

Kristin Auer is the head of Bonn Science Shop’s Training Centre and takes responsibility for the concept and methods of Soufflearning within the project.

Traute Winzker, service and management consultant, works as freelance trainer for the Bonn Science Shop in Soufflearning projects. Due to her high experience with Soufflearning she trains and coaches the trainers of the partner organizations.

More details on the Bonn Science Shop´s projects are given on and
by a special publication “25 Jahre Wissenschaftsladen Bonn” (PDF-version in English).