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Aguas Nuevas

C.I.F.P. “Aguas Nuevas” – the acronym stands for Centro Integrado de Formación Profesional, which translates as Vocational Training Integrated Center – has been, up to 2009-2010 school year, a public vocational training school offering courses and technical degrees in the field of Aeromechanics/Avionics, Renewable Energies, Wood and Carpentry and Agricultural Activities.

Even though the school is going to continue to serve that purpose, since 2010, C.I.F.P. “Aguas Nuevas” is also functioning as an Integrated Center, which means that it does not only provide Formal Initial Vocational Training, but also Continuing Occupational Training (for people in the job market) and Training for Employability (for unemployed workers) . Therefore, our school is aimed at integrating the three subsystems of which the vocational training system in Spain consists. Another remarkable change is that our school is no longer only dependent of the regional Ministry of education, but also of the regional Ministry of employment.

Moreover, having been turned into an Integrated Vocational Center also implies another important function: According to the recently-passed Decree for the Assessment and Validation of Professional Competencies, Vocational Training Integrated Centers are to play a major role in the qualification recognition process. More specifically, it will be in schools like ours where the tasks of candidate-counseling and assessment of learning outcomes will be performed.

Lastly, because of the aforementioned reasons, training centers like our CIFP Aguas Nuevas are aimed at narrowing the still-existent gaps between the companies and public vocational schools in Spain. CIFP Aguas Nuevas‘ ultimate goal is to become the main training provider for the companies more directly linked to our sectors and training areas.

Jesús Cimas is the person responsible for European Programs at CIFP Aguas Nuevas. He’s coordinated mobility projects both within the LLP actions Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci. He has also promoted and developed projects of innovation for Vocational Training. He is part of CIFP Aguas Nuevas management team and will coordinate the school contribution to the Soufflearning projects and carry out the tasks of translation of Soufflearning documentation.

Juan José González is the principal of CIFP Aguas Nuevas and also the General Manager of CEFAAL (the school’s EASA-certified training center for Aeromechanics and Avionics). Among his many functions, he manages the school’s relationships with companies and other institutions, and, within Soufflearning, will coordinate the implementation of the methodology in SMEs.

Mari Carmen Bravo has been a member of CIFP Aguas Nuevas administrative staff for some time and has played a major role in the EASA certification process. She’s participated in many of the school’s projects and has a deep knowledge of the special status of our Vocational Training Center. In Soufflearning, she will be dealing with administrative and budget matters, as well as collaborating in the translation tasks.