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Mrs. Ourania Balestrinou
Mrs Sofia Tsiortou
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Vocational Training Centre IRIS

The centre was established in 2009 and has three subsidiaries in Greece providing nationwide certified vocational training to adults. The centre provides vocational training services and courses, it uses new technologies integrated in the education provision while at the same time promoting lifelong learning.

The centre collaborates with the Apopsi group of companies sharing and exchanging know-how related to vocational training (research, training design, curriculum design, delivery, diverse methodologies of training etc) but also use of technological tools in education (e-learning, m-learning, serious games etc).

VET centre IRIS will be responsible for WP 3 the design of the training programme in the project Soufflearning. The results obtained will allow IRIS to enhance services provided to its clientele.

Mrs. Ourania Balestrinou will act as project manager, having a background of sociology and activity in the vocational training sector for adults. Mrs. Balestrinou will participate in meetings and coordinate tasks of the VET centre IRIS.

Mrs. Sofia Tsiortou, a researcher in new methodologies of training adults will be involved mainly in the adaptation of the methodologies to particular target group needs in Greece.

More information on projects conducted can be found in the centre’s website.