Earlier Projects

Pilot project North-Rhine-Westphalia 2005-2007 Soufflearning for small businesses“

External seminars drain much-needed staff from small companies and are often topically remote from everyday business. Therefore in a cooperative project of the Initiative for Vocational Training NRW 2005 by netz NRW e.V. and Bonn Science Shop e.V. the method of Soufflearning was developed and tested specifically to answer the needs and requirements of small companies and organizations.

The pilot project ran over a period of about six months. Workshops of 1-2 hours were conducted on site in different companies. Managerial staff and employees set themselves learning goals for the trainings and directly implemented what they learned in concrete situations at the work place. During those times they were accompanied by trainers and received personal feedback.

Soufflearning across Europe

In the Leonardo-da-Vinci-Transfer Project* (10/2010 – 09/2012) it was transferred to partner organizations in France, the Czech Republic, Italy and in the Upper Lusatia region in Germany.

The SMEs participating in the experimentation phase trainings improved their cost effectiveness, operating results, and their staff productivity. The willingness of their employees to engage in further training and continue taking part in VET measures increased. Trainers involved in the project gained additional professional and social skills.

The results from the experiences were presented to relevant stakeholders with the aim of continuing with trainings in SMEs after the project had ended. Additionally collaborative sub-networks of SMEs, VET institutes, and trainers were established on a national level to disseminate the Soufflearning training concept further.

*Soufflearning – Learning by prompting:
On-the-job Training and Qualification for Small and Micro-sized Enterprises

Partners of the 2. Soufflearning project (2010-2012)

Logo der Groupement d'Interet Public - Formation de l'Academie de Rennes
Mr Bertrand Boudey
6, rue Kleber
3500 Rennes
tel: +33.299251182
bertrand.boudey [at] ac-rennes.fr
Groupement d’intérêt public formation de l’académie de Rennes
For vocational training in France organisations and networks play an important role at the regional and local level. The GRETA, groups of schools and education institutions for adult training in close geographic proximity build a nationwide network. They are supported by their Educational Academic Centre named „GIP“ in every french region.

GIP-FAR is such a centre for the 4 Greta network of Brittany/Bretagne. These Greta (which head offices are located in Quimper, Lorient, St-Brieuc and Rennes) represent a great network of 260 schools, 50 vocational training counselors, 250 employed trainers and 700 free lancers and 2100 client enterprises. The assignements of GIP-FAR are: Training the trainers, training course design, validation of skills acquired through experience, consulting, fundraising for training, research and development (esp. through European Projects).

Logo der Euroform RFS

Mr Giampiero Costantini
P.zza della Libertà, 40
87036 Rende (CS)
tel: +39.0984.467735
info [at] euroformrfs.it
About Euroform
Euroform RFS has been operating in the vocational guidance and training field since 1996, with the main goal of working as channeling vehicle between the labour market’s supply and demand, by …

  • Providing better understanding of the European labour market dynamics;
  • Increasing opportunities to enhance knowledge and competencies;
  • Working actively to foster a better integration of the labour forces;

The association is a training agency officially accredited by the government of the Calabria Region. Its main activities focus on vocational and continuous training, adult education and youth guidance, turning particular attention to international mobility by implementing placement programs for students, young workers and post-graduates, and exchange programs for education experts and teachers.

Euroform areas of expertise encompass a wide range of disciplines, and since 1998 the organisation implemented several successful placement and exchange projects in the framework of the European program Leonardo da Vinci: every year it offers the possibility to gain work experience in other European countries to over 300 youngsters.

In fact, in 2003, Euroform RFS founded the International Mobility Desk (SMI) in partnership with the administration of Cosenza Province and Calabria University (UNICAL). In its first three years of service, the SMI has delivered excellent supporting services to youth searching and applying for European mobility programs.

Logo der Alvit Innovation Education

Mr Martin Pokorný
Na Hradbách 1922/15
702 00 Ostrava
?eská republika
tel: +420.774242507
martin.pokorny [at] alvit.cz
The company was founded in 1994. Today, it is presented by a group of young, enthusiastic project managers with very close connection to local universities in the Moravian-Silesian region. The basic impulse for their work is the location and the historical
background of the region, with over 1,3 million residents. This area has been for a long time orientated mainly in the mining and heavy
industry with all the effects on its population.

ALVIT offers and provides opportunities to improve these peoples‘ lives through training, transfer of innovation and lifelong learning

Key activities of the ALVIT company are transfer of innovation from our partners to our region. In the framework of the European Social Fund we develop our own innovation for trainers to improve their competitiveness. For actual information please check www.alvit.cz.

ALVIT is part of the European network CO.N.E.CT – an international non-for-profit association, too. It is formed by several organisations located all over Europe with the aim of promoting:

  • social inclusion
  • local development
  • European knowledge and active citizenship
  • equal opportunities for all
  • value and diversity of the European culture, language and citizenship
  • exchange of knowledge
  • sharing of good practices, ideas, skills and models both inside the CO.N.E.CT network and with other networks
  • personal and professional development
  • access to training and transnational education.

Logo des Wissenschaftsladen Zwittau

Dr Daniel Ludwig
Karl-Heinz Reiche
Innere Weberstr. 28
02763 Zittau
tel: +49.3583.611259
kontakt [at] wissenschaftsladen.eu