Cámara Badajoz

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Mr. Antonio Serrano
Avenida de Europa, 4
06004 Badajoz
Tel: +34 924 234 600 – 15 (Antonio)
euprojects [at] camarabadajoz.org

Founded in 1886, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Badajoz (CCI Badajoz) is a Public Law Corporation whose structure and functioning is democratic. It is established as a consultative and collaborative body of Public Authorities and Governments. Its mission is to represent, promote and defend the general interests of the economic and productive structure in its province.

CCI Badajoz implements and develops all initiatives and projects that considers be necessary or beneficial to the general interests of companies in its demarcation, based on the information provided by them, developing a permanent action to improve the entrepreneurial environment around four main areas:


CCI Badajoz defends the general interests of businesses, primarily through an exercise of advisory role for Public Administrations, as well as through an active approach of institutional relations, both nationally and internationally.


CCI Badajoz has as a key priority the promotion of foreign trade in companies. For this, it develops a plan for the regional promotion of exports supported by the international structure of the Chambers of Commerce.


For CCI Badajoz, VET is a key factor for the business competitiveness, participating in the three pillars of the Spanish vocational training system: Initial Vocational Training (apprenticeship through dual system); Lifelong Learning (aimed at companies and employees); and Occupational Training (aimed at unemployed people).

Information and Advisory

CCI Badajoz provides information services to businesses about the economic structure of markets, expected development, current economic situation, etc … Similarly, SMEs can find advisory services about: Business Creation, Innovation, Consolidation, Mediation, …

In conclusion, the main objective of CCI Badajoz is the development of initiatives to extend the culture of quality and innovation for SMEs to seize opportunities offered by globalization.