Soufflearning – the method for vocational training

Soufflearning is a vocational training concept, which is specifically designed to take place close to the work processes. During Soufflearning, trainers come into the company or organization.

The 5 Principles of SoufflearningGraphic which shows the 5 principles this method for vocational training is based on

1. In-house Training

Soufflearning takes place in the enterprise instead of sending staff to external seminars. In small enterprises employees can hardly be spared due to their professional duties. Furthermore internal training can be better tailored to real needs and thus often gains greater regard and importance in comparison with external training.

2. Real work situations

Employees are trained on the job while doing their “everyday work”. They are accompanied at their workplaces and get personal feedback afterwards. The trainer refers to their experienced situations, for example how they dealt with different customers, how they handled a difficult situation, how they cooperated with each other in the team.

3. Individual training

Soufflearning is always adjusted to the specific personal situation and individual progress of the single employee. Employees get personal feedback after having been accompanied. Each participant finds out about his individual skills and points of optimization. The trainer provides proposals for work action and the employee decides on which point he wants to concentrate the next days. According to the different needs of employees further personal talks and accompaniments follow.

4. Motivating effect

Soufflearning has a motivating effect on employees because the trainer believes in the abilities of the participants and that they want to improve their personal skills. During the vocational training sessions he takes their individual way of learning and personal situation into consideration. That is why employees feel more understood and supported. Learning then feels easier which also has a positive effect on the workflow.

5. Sustainable impact

A balanced mix of accompaniments and self-learning sequences help employees to develop their personal skills step by step. By applying their knowledge to their every day working situations they easier retain and solidify what they have learned. Thus a high grade of learning transfer and long-lasting impact can be achieved.

Soufflearning is different than classic forms of vocational training, which frequently happens outside of the actual companies and which often relates more general information instead of directly addressing the individual needs of companies. The Soufflearning method is therefore of much interest both for companies and trainers.

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