Soufflearning workshop for trainers in France

By now a training on Soufflearning had taken place in France. Being a guest of our French project partner GIP-FAR, I really enjoyed holding a Soufflearning workshop for VET organizations and trainers in the beautiful town of Rennes. The training took place in the offices of GIP-FAR on May 12th, 2011.

The participating highly experienced trainers teach many training skills. What I found very interesting is that they also deal with the necessity of concentration on work, for example when training air-traffic controllers in France. During the workshop interesting discussions on different aspects came up, for example on the importance of a professional feedback.

I had a great time in Rennes and learned a lot from the French trainers. I’m sure they will have interesting Soufflearning projects in their country and wish them a great start with Soufflearning in France.

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