The French final conference of 10th of July in Lamballe

25 persons participated at the Lycée Henri Avril to a conference related to the Soufflearning-training of employees of SME on Tuesday the 10th of July 2012, which was organized by GIPFAR and its partner Agefos-PME Bretagne and Greta des Côtes d’Armor. This conference was the opportunity to make a balance of the Soufflearning-experimentations that took place in various SME of the area of Lamballe, where a global approach of skills and job management plan has been experimented on nearly 1000 enterprises by the training funds Agefos-PME Bretagne.
Within this frame, Agefos-Pme Bretagne and the network of Greta of Bretagne has set up experimentation of a new training method, which was transferred from Germany by the Bonn Science Shop. The aim of this method is to develop the skills of SME employees as close as possible from their real situation and in an adapted planning and progress.

Organisations that participated: Agefos-PME, la Dirreccte, SME Adexium, Casco SAS, Brocéliande Paysage, Lamballe communauté, clé22, mission locale, maison de l’emploi, Greta des Côtes d’Armor, GIP-FAR, head of the Lycée Henri Avril.

Presentation (PDF-Download): {filelink=54}

La vidéo: Retours d’expériences Soufflearning en entreprise sur le secteur de Lamballe

Reports in newspapers:

Le Télégramme |12 juillet 2012:
PME. Nouvelle méthode de formation en expérimentation

Ouest-France |11 juillet 2012:

PME : nouvelle méthode de formation. Trois entreprises du bassin de Lamballe ont bénéficié …

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